Judy McKillop 

Is an authentic, powerful speaker, author and certified professional coach specialising in grief recovery.

She helps people transform tragedy and major life changes into a formula for living their best life now with her 8 step process to help those struggling with grief to able to powerfully and consciously recreate their lives and find purpose and passion again.

The Map

You can go through Grief or you can go through Grief. Grab the route below.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Get ready to shift your gears from being a victim to taking responsibility.

Get Your Shift Together

You’ve made such a good choice! You’ve decided to invest in your own healing. 


I’m glad you’re here.

I’m sorry you have need of this place. I’d rather know you for an entirely different, completely wonderful reason. And here we are anyway.

Most of what passes for grief support is less than useful. I created this space to tell the truth about grief, with no sugar coating. I created it to give you support that actually sounds like you – something that speaks to your life, your mind, your heart.

I made this for you: grief support that doesn’t suck.

If your life has exploded into a million little bits, you don’t need platitudes. You don’t need cheerleading. You don’t need to be told this all happened for a reason.

Some things cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.

Maybe you’ve been looking for a place like this for a long time. Maybe you have heard someone mention my journal, or you stumbled upon one of my blogs, quotes or social media channels. However you found your way here, I’m glad you’ve arrived. And I’m so sorry again that you have need of this place.

This space is full of validation, support, and resources that will help you survive what has been asked of you – whether that’s the death of someone you love, the loss of something you can’t live without, or witnessing unfixable pain in the people you love. 

Firstly, there is no right or wrong way to cope with grief, just as long as you are NOT causing yourself harm. Grief is a natural process that all of us experience in our own way, in our own time, and at our own pace. Time does not heal grief. It is what you do with your time that matters.


Grief is incredibly lonely. Finding your tribe is the one thing I can guarantee will make this easier on you. Companionship and kinship are your survival.

Finding a tribe is important, and maybe you don’t think it can happen. It’s true – out in the wider world, this kind of companionship isn’t common. But the people inside The Map community aren’t like the rest of the world. They might just be the community you’re looking for.

Community, connection, and acknowledgement (no platitudes allowed) – find all this and more over at The Map.  Come and see why companionship, not correction, is the way forward.


Do you need help figuring out the best ways to support someone you love? Tired of feeling helpless or stupid or frustrated in the face of someone’s loss? You’re in the right place. Making things better for grieving people begins with helping you learn the skills you need to give effective, loving, tangible support.

Whether you’re a concerned friend or family member, or you’re a professional looking to add to your skill-set, I have got helpful grief resources for you. Head over here And be sure to visit The Map Community to get your road map to the new model of grief support.

Oh – and thanks for being here. It’s not easy to support people in pain.





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