The last stop on our angelic tour brings us to Archangel Zadkiel (sometimes written as Tzadkiel, Zachiel or Zedkiel), the angel of comfort, prayer and abundance. He is the gentlest of the Archangels and his name means “Righteousness of God”. Zadkiel rules the planet Jupiter and the element of air. His colours are sky blue or violet and his day of the week is Thursday. Scents affiliated with Zadkiel include sandalwood, ylang ylang, bergamot, rosemary and nutmeg. His flower is the violet. Crystals associated with this kind but brave angel include Blue lace agate, Amethyst, Blue Chalcedony and Lapis lazuli.

You can invoke the aid of archangel Zadkiel when you feel despair, depressed and in need. He is often depicted holding a dagger and is surrounded by a blue or violet light. Zadkiel is especially fond of children and will often come to their aide. He may also be called upon for abundance (be it spiritual or material), improving memory, seeking forgiveness from others who have wronged us, and achieving justice. He guides those in the alternative medicine fields, such as aromatherapists, Reiki masters, and  masseurs, as well as librarians, interpreters, cashiers and psychiatrists.

Although linked to Neptune, Blue lace agate is considered both a Water and Air stone. It is a crystal of Zadkiel’s because of its gentle ability to distil calm, peaceful energy. This banded pale blue agate is useful in reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, relieving headaches and alleviating painful joints and bones. It is a peace keeping stone which, if placed in your home, will eradicate negative energies and keep conversations from becoming confrontational.

Amethsy is another crystal ruled by the Air element. This purple crystal is a powerful healing stone for the mind as well as the body. It’s also a calming stone, bringing restful sleep, relief from tension headaches, migraines and eyestrain. Amethyst can ease stressful situations and even calms hyperactive pets. It’s been a stone of royalty for centuries, used to bring about prosperity. Place an Amethyst under a child’s pillow (or, for small children, under the mattress) to keep nightmares at bay.

Blue Chalcedony is a soft blue crystal useful in telepathy, whether it’s used for communicating with animals, plants or spirit guides. Physically, it helps with seasonal allergies, kidney and gall stones, and fluid retention. It’s a learning stone, aiding us in tackling a new language or understanding complex technologies, such as computers (wish I knew this ten years ago).

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of Jupiter and the Air element. This royal blue crystal has been used for centuries, from the Ancient Egyptians to Native Americans for its wonderful healing benefits. It’s also a stone of wisdom and increases psychic awareness and protection. Lapis calms an excited household and, in healing practices, it relieves pain and inflammation, especially of the nervous system. It instils it’s wearer with a burst of self confidence and the courage to meet life’s little challenges.

Tomorrow I will post my blog which will be the Epilogue of our series “Crystals and Archangels”.

Judy x