Free Meditations

For those that are new to meditation and those seeking guidance in helping you deepen your meditation practice, below are some excellent resources that can introduce you to meditation, and give some inspiration to assist you in living a more mindful life.

I also record bespoke ‘Meditation Minis‘. These are bespoke 10-minute guided meditations that will help to calm anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase confidence and more.

Get in touch to find out more.

Shine Your Light

This peaceful guided relaxation will help your child and/or teen relieve stress and anxiety, improve self-esteem.

It will also help them feel fantastic in mind, body and spirit and develop a positive mental attitude at school and at home.

Message In a Bottle

In the following meditation I will transport you to a beautiful beach setting. You will feel the warm sand underneath your feet, the sunshine energising your skin, and hear the seagulls and the waves crashing on the sand.

It is a short guided meditation to allow yourself to be at one with nature.

Heal Your Inner child

When you first do this meditation, trust what comes, trust what happens. If the child is a little reserved or a little hesitant, just give the child time. Keep doing the meditation regularly and you’ll find that the contact will continue to increase and become stronger and more positive.

For now, though, simply accept whatever happens.

Be Cool For School

This gorgeous meditation will your child remain relaxed and cool at school. Listen to my calming breathing and feel-good techniques that will help to brighten their morning. 

Simply listen to my voice before bedtime or in the morning upon waking.

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