Get Your Shift Together

This is an online hub for conscious souls of all ages who are interested in personal development and spiritual growth.

I started this hub because I want to be able to help as many of you step onto your real life path and find fulfilment and success in your own unique way.

I also believe that the world needs our services and that when we come together as a community to exchange ideas and experiences we can really make a profound difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

By joining this group you will potentially connect to other like minded souls – find your true life purpose – learn how to heal your own life – discover the keys to living a successful empowered life – discover why you are here and so much more.


 We talk about the strategies and tools needed to live an empowered and conscious life. We look at personal empowerment from a spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and profoundly practical perspective.

My background is as a professional motivational speaker, certified grief recovery specialist, writer and coach. I have been on a conscious spiritual journey for most of my life and have studied many healing modalities in depth. I am a Mum to 3 amazing lightworkers too.

People use different words to describe healing, like: presence, love and consciousness. Healing is less about fixing yourself than it is a practice of letting go.

It helps you release blocks — physical, emotional, and mental blocks and behaviours that keep you limited in your potential and true health.

For example, you might suddenly realise that certain people in your life don’t make sense any more, or you may  lose interest in certain foods or activities you used to enjoy.


In healing you often receive clarity and insight about your life path. Healing moves you closer to your true, authentic self. It helps you experience greater peace, balance and freedom. It is also instrumental in helping you live your true potential.

How do I  know that this group is right for you?

You're sensitive.

This includes being sensitive to your environment such as sounds, energy and the people in your surroundings. You can be easily overwhelmed. You prefer nature, as well as quiet and calm spaces.

You like being alone.

You’re introverted by nature. Being in large crowds is draining and overwhelming for you. When you’re alone, you feel like you can charge up your batteries and regain your energy.

You're intuitive.

You have a good sense of how things will turn out, and people often to turn to you when they have a problem. You can easily anticipate people needs and wants. You often have dreams and visions.

You have a big heart.

You’re empathic and compassionate. You can easily feel other people’s pain. People often feel better or comforted in your presence, and feel safe in sharing their life secrets with you.

You are aware of energy.

You see and sense the world through a different lens. You know that the world is more than just what you see, and you’re able to look beyond the surface level of situations and exchanges. Your abilities can also make you sensitive to negative and positive energy. 

You enjoy helping others

You genuinely enjoy being of service to other people. You may already be in a role of helping others as a practitioner, such as a nurse, chaplain or therapist. It brings you deep meaning and joy to help others. 

The word "healing" excites you.

You don’t know why, but you’re attracted to healing and want to learn more. You know you have a calling and have a feeling that healing can help you explore more deeply your gifts and talents. And if you’re reading this , you’re probably a healer, or possibly a reluctant one at that. Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Healing allows light to come through you and be a light unto the world. When you heal, you help the whole world heal.

Get Your Shift Together is a safe space for those seeking tools to transform your life.

You will find facilitators and teachers being welcomed in a guest experts in their field and they will share their wisdom, insight and knowledge provoding spiritual guidance and inspiration.

 You only need bring your intention.

You will experience a variety of tools such as

  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Palmistry
  • Reiki
  • Manifestation Workshops
  • Meditation evenings
  • Share nights
  • Development circles
  • Healing circles

My intention is to bring together like minded seekers.

My door and heart is open and I look forward to welcoming you.


Am I tied to a contract?

No, you can leave at any time.

Is this pre recorded off the shelf?

Definitely not. I will be there showing up on my for regular live steams in addition to the fantastic content that you will be receiving.

Do I get lifetime access to all the content?

Yes for as long as you are a member and for your specific intake too.

Is there a strict timetable?

No. you can work through the content in your own time. There’s always enough time for you to reflection and processing.

I have another question that isn’t covered here.

Answer – No problem. Email me at and I will get back to you.

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