Grief & Loss Recovery – Day 79

When you are in the middle of grief, how can you possibly reach for joy? Joy is discovered in the peaceful quiet of a soul at rest. Alongside our restlessness for change, we have a need for relaxation and recreation.

We won’t fully experience joy until we’ve answered life’s biggest question: Why am I here?

Without a life purpose, we flounder around without direction or joy. I encourage my clients to write out their life story in five year increments, noting life altering events and influential people. During the exercise, clients will often discover a predominant theme that has brought them fulfillment. By re aligning with what has brought meaning in the past, I feel my clients put themselves on track toward the pursuit of happiness.

If we don’t nourish ourselves, joy will elude us.

We nourish ourselves whenever we enter into activities that build our energy reserves. Consider this list of questions:

What songs lift me?
What thoughts make me feel better?
What experiences rejuvenate me?
What people encourage me?
What recreation re creates me?
What spiritual exercises strengthen me?
What dreams inspire me?
What family members care for me?
What memories make me smile?

We can find joy when we banish should have, could have, in our lives and decide that everything is fine the way it is.

To discover joy, it’s important to celebrate success. Even if that means having just one day when you didn’t sink into the darkness.