Grief & Loss Recovery / Day 85

Remember the early days of summer as a child? The air was just beginning to get warm, the sun didn’t yet have the strength to burn our skin (or so we thought at the time) – but the water was still cold. Whether it was lake water, or just that of our local “swimming hole,” it had yet to be relieved of winter’s chill.

And we were scared. Should we dive in? Or, just dip our toe in the water, shiver, and walk away?

I’m sure – like me – you did both. Experiencing the timidity of toe-dipping, as well as the “rush” of jumping in, were both part of growing up. Now, let me ask you this: which brought you more joy…more satisfaction?

Try to reach back in time to find the accuracy of feeling that memory, and bring it forward into today. Is there something you can do today that will bring you a taste of that again?