The Map

Life is filled with twists and turns, some take us deeper into our soul journey, others lead us off-track for a while. I have found on my own path that we are never truly lost, but that there will be moments of feeling like we’re in the dark. Usually this happens when we’re ignoring our intuition, and not honouring our spirit.

These key co-ordinates on your map are points of power that help to ignite your spiritual fire, so you can paint the world with all your unique colours. To experience your own divinity, and to live out your creative purpose.

Grief as you know is often associated primarily with loss of a loved one.

While this is a highly visible situation involving grief, people can fail to recognise that, whenever change occurs, even change we choose or feel is a “positive” one, there is the potential for a sense that something has been lost or a need to grieve what is being left behind to move forward.

Here’s the thing…You can go through grief or you can grow through grief.

Experiencing grief, moving through it, and recovering from it is typically not a straight or easy road – but finding the courage to walk through grief to discover what’s on the other side can lead to an extraordinary and transformed life. Grief can either tear you apart and leave you in pieces or be the opportunity to consciously recreate your life so you grow out of the loss into being your best self.

What if you had a roadmap to navigate your loss?


Grief is not something we choose or don’t choose. Rather, it is in our wiring. It is the normal and necessary journey we embark on after something we have valued no longer exists.

✔️ If someone we love dies, we grieve.
✔️ If a beloved pet dies, we grieve.
✔️ If someone we love leaves us, we grieve.
✔️ If something we value is taken away from us, we grieve.
✔️If circumstances we were comfortable with or attached to change, we grieve.
✔️In general, the stronger our attachment to the person or the thing, the stronger our grief will be.

Grief is not just death.

You see, love and grief are two sides of the same precious coin. One does not—and cannot—exist without the other.

They are the yin and yang of our lives.

People sometimes say that grief is the price we pay for the joy of having loved.

If we allow ourselves the grace of love, we must also allow ourselves the grace of grief and mourning.

A major challenge with grief is the lack of roadmap. As I struggled through my own loss, I discovered 8 key phases and began coaching my clients using this very approach. I’ve created The Map so that you can tap into the power of this process. It is not meant to shortcut the emotions of grief, nor would you want to do so – even when it is painful to feel these things.

Your map is filled with lessons and sacred moments. These may manifest as physical obstacles, dealing with health, safety, and security. You will also encounter moments of darkness, and depression. Maybe you will battle addiction, challenging relationships, a questioning of beliefs, upheavals, or fear.

At times you will even question your own soul purpose, and ask why the hell you embarked on this journey in the first place! But rest assured, you are here for a reason…and that reason is to simply dance and flow with the Universe.

Your map is also filled with strategically placed people, places and events. And like all geographic maps, you have created exit points, and alternate routes to help traverse any bumps in the road.

Now you’re probably thinking…damn, why would I make things so hard for myself? But you aren’t meant to struggle, simply to learn. The truth is you probably forgot you’re a total badass filled with enough light to outshine any darkness. Moments of opposition are here to remind you that you are living, learning, and that you are in control!

In The Map, over 8 weeks you will locate where you are right now, face the blank slate that grief often presents to us, and, ultimately, step forward, creating your what’s next consciously designed from your priorities, values, and who you are now having been through the experience that has changed your life.


So what is it all about? 

8 Life-changing weeks together to help you empower yourself to live the life that you deserve to live.

8 Modules all ready to rock in my membership platform that you can access at any time with your own password for added security.

Having me in your corner for 8 weeks as your biggest cheerleader!

The Map is about showing up and making that commitment to you because you deserve it!

You focus on YOU making the change. Having the self belief in you that you can do this and that you are so ready to make this commitment to YOU for YOU.

There is an added bonus of a dedicated Facebook group (if that floats your boat) that I will be in with you going through rituals, mindset goals, habit changes, super epic motivation, conscious decision making to help you finally take hold of the reins and be that version of you that deserve to be!


I have everything that you to be your best self and help you empower yourself to heal.

Step by step.

Reality check time!

I know hugely from my own experience that change of any kind  is enormous and more so when we experience uncertainty or challenge in that process we usually abandon the whole thing then massively regret it. 


Navigating the Map

The fastest way to get back on track if you feel you’ve veered off course, is usually to literally stopping what you are doing with your life, and move in a completely different direction. This will invariably activate your spirit and lead you closer to a feeling of wholeness.

I know there is at least one area of your life that could use a good change. So how about you override your current plan, chose to link into your spirit, and experience something else? Ask yourself this:

Does this current path feed or deplete my spirit?

Hmm, now this can be a tough question. You may need to meditate on it for a while, so talk to Spirit, connect with your guides, and carve out some time for stillness.

What to Do When You are Lost

Navigating back onto your soul path all starts with one small step in the right direction, but you must take action. Don’t just say: “I wish I could…” Begin to do it!

Fear is often the only hurdle. Fear that you will fail. Fear that you won’t be good enough. Fear that you might lose everything. Fear that you might actually succeed. Let me tell you a secret: fear is usually an indicator that you are getting close to something good.

So make love to your fear. Test your fear. Punch your fear in the face if you need to. The most brilliant adventures usually start off down a dark, ominous, strangely intimidating path. So take a few steps forward and see what happens. At which point feel free to say, “Hey Universe, give me a damn sign so I know where to go next!” – and just witness what shows up.


This is YOUR life, YOUR map, and YOUR adventure! Be a bitch if you have to.


Say “no” to the things that wear you down.

Say “no” to the relationships that are limiting you.

Say “no” to the job that’s depleting you.

Say “no” to the friends who aren’t vibing with you.

Then take this adventure off road.  The destination isn’t the point, it’s all about the journey your spiritual map has in store for you.

Introducing The Map

During my 8 week programme you will learn:

How to face a blank slate and the unknown of what comes after a major change.

Your mission statement for your life and your vision for what’s next.

A 3 step process for overcoming the overwhelm of grief.

How to feel and experience the pain and work through the letting go, while also beginning to nurture other parts of life that can bring comfort, inspiration, and connection to others.

What your values and priorities are now given the major change or transition you are experiencing.

How to reconnect with a passion and purpose for living.

Ways to nurture yourself so you have the energy to recreate yourself anew, consciously choose the relationships in life that can support you through this time of change.

Processes for creating sustainable changes in life.

My 7 step plan for going from Grief to Peace.


Here’s what you’re going to get:


Your purchase also includes:

Course content is in my private online members area with password access.

8 weeks of guided support and learning.

Weekly live check ins.

Weekly rituals to help you survive and thrive.

Week day Mindfulness focus.

Private Facebook group access.

Lifetime access to the private members area content.

Your week by week breakdown of what The Map content entails:

Let's get stuck in!

In this lesson we are going to be focusing on your story. You know mine so now it is time to focus on yours!

This lesson includes:

1. Your story.

2. Living life backwards.

3. Your have, do be statement.

4. Your mission statement.

5. I am.

Overcoming Overwhelm

In this lesson we are going to cover 2 simple 3 step processes with you that will help you overcome overwhelm and help you make decisions more easily.

This lesson includes:

1. Exploring fear.

2. The 3 step 0-0 process.

3. Why is managing stress and overwhelm important?

4. The WMM exercise.

Taking Inventory

In this lesson we are going to use an inventory process to build out the picture of your life.

This lesson includes:

1. EDL – External Daily Life Inventory

2. Physical Well -Being.

3. Exploring your Internal Emotional Landscape.

4. Wrapping up The Inventories.

Please Mind The Gap

Going from loss to feeling like you’re thriving again can be challenging, but if you’ve reached this point in the programme, you are definitely motivated and inspired enough to do it. . .so stop for a moment and acknowledge yourself for getting this far. . .now let’s keep going.

This lesson includes:

1. Evaluation time.

2. What if’s?

I Shift

Sometimes to make a plan and move forward, there is some letting go to do first.

This lesson includes:

1. The Hows of Letting go.

2. Creating a plan.

3. Goal setting.

4. Now what?

5. Accountability to support change.

Assess the Rest

Stepping out of YOUR comfort zone:

Being comfortable is not the path to transformation but finding emotional comfort during hard times is a blessing.

This lesson includes:

1. Values as fuel for success.

2. Putting loss in perpective.

3. Fine tuning your grief recovery plan.

I Thrive

At this point in your process, if you’ve been actively doing the work from each lesson, you are most likely experiencing more balance in your life. Now when you experience emotions around your grief and loss, you are able to honour those feelings while continuing to take steps and make choices that are helping you to build what is next for you.

This lesson includes:

1. Transforming grief into purpose.

2. Reducing stress through conscious living.

3. Working through the obstacle of time.

4. Working through the obstacle of ‘why me?’

5. What’s next for me is?

A Future

You’ve navigated through a process that has taken you from facing a blank slate and fear of the unknown after a major change or loss to having a repeatable strategy for consciously redesigning your life.

This lesson includes:

1. The Lesson.

2. Your Mission Statement.

3. Your final Assignment.

Are there payment plans?

Yes, there is. As a good will gesture to enable the programme to be affordable and accessible for all. ( if your payments stop then your access will be revoked obviously and you will be removed from the hub)

Is this pre recorded off the shelf?

Definitely not. I will be there showing up on my for regular live steams in addition to the fantastic content that you will be receiving.

Do I get lifetime access to all the content?

Yes for as long as you are a member and for your specific intake too.

Is there a strict timetable?

No. you can work through the content in your own time. There’s always enough time for you to reflection and processing.

I have another question that isn’t covered here.

No problem. Email me at and I will get back to you.

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