1 to 1 Grief & Loss Mentoring

Grieving provides a powerful opportunity for spiritual growth. We shouldn’t seek it out for this reason—all of us will have enough opportunities for mourning, without seeking it. But supporting a grieving person’s spiritual growth is another valid goal of energy work for the bereaved. Personally, I believe that deep grief prepares us for greater service to others. Having experienced profound loss, we can be more compassionate to others. We feel our connection to the rest of humanity. We open to the non-material world. We shed our masks and reassess our lives and what is truly important to us. We are prepared for growth. Since grieving is something none of us can avoid, it is good to know that there can be spiritual gifts in it. Grief is meant to move through us, not get stuck in our energy field or our physical body.

My Grief Journal

Journalling is possibly one of the most simple but profound tools out there for enhancing your well-being on every level (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual). In fact, journalling is such a useful practice that I recommend in the articles I publish throughout my site and to those I mentor privately. When it comes to self-growth and spiritual maturation, journalling is probably one of the top 5 practices I recommend to everyone, no matter how good a person is at writing or not. My Grief Journal contains gentle prompts to help you identify, accept and work through your feelings at a time when clarity seems impossible. When it comes to journalling, there’s nothing to master but your own ability to be self aware. With the Grief Journal comes access to a private Facebook Group where you can find a safe space to “just be”.

Grieving Mindfully